Perfect companions for handheld sized cameras with or without full accessories up to 7kg.



AGILE 5 / 5S, featuring 7+0 steps of incrementally-adjustable counterbalance mechanism, fine-tuned to perfectly offset handheld sized cameras like Blackmagic Design Pocket Camera.  The result is supreme control of pan & tilt maneuvers, exceeding expectation of even the most discriminating operator. With "0" setting for both counterbalance and fluid drag, the head is also perfect for still photographing.



Perfect Counterbalance


AGILE 5 / 5S feature 8-step (7+0) counterbalance adjustment, fine-tuned to perfectly offset handheld cameras with or without accessories up to 7kg (15lb).

True Fluid Drag

AGILE 5 & 5S feature (3) repeatable increments of true pan & tilt fluid drag that is as smooth as silk and neither deteriorates nor deviates with use.

Choice of Two Types of Camera Mounting Interface

Your choice of camera mounting interface is available – for AGILE 5, the mini-version of the familiar spring-loaded capture-type camera mounting interface called E-Z LOAD.  For AGILE 5S, a side load-type camera mounting interface called S-LOC.

Other user-friendly features

Pan & tilt brakes are distinguishable and 90-degree opposed.

Pan bar rosettes are replaceable for longer fluid head lifespan with (1) extending pan bar included.

The bubble-level is illuminated with a simple tap-button.

Technical Specs:


Camera Mounting Interface

E-Z LOAD, (in case of AGILE 5, Mini E-Z LOAD, a smaller-sized version of EZ-LOAD, is applicable), compatible with the spring-loaded, capture-type camera mounting interface, facilitates fast set-up conducive to 'shoot & scoot' ENG-type use. 


2.48KG (5.46 lbs)


S-LOC delivers greater front-to-rear balance adjustment-range to accommodate exceptionally front-heavy or back-heavy payloads. 

2.18kg (4.80 lbs)

Counterbalanced Payload

Counterbalance Increments

Pan/tilt Fluid Drag Increments

Tilt Range

Mounting Base

Operating Temperature

Bubble Level

Pan bar

0-7kg (0-15 lbs)

8 steps (7+0)

4 steps (3/3+0)



-40/+60 °C


(1) included

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