OZEN Warranty Policy


OZEN standard 2-year warranty


OZEN Precision Engineering Pty Ltd. (‘OZEN’) warrants that its products are free from defect due to material and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Upon verification of such defect(s) within the warranty period, OZEN shall – at its sole discretion – either repair, and/or replace part(s), and/or replace product(s) returned at the shipping expense of its verified-as-warrantied owner.  Owner pre-pays return-shipping. Warranty is non-transferrable.



2-year warranty with 2-year extension = FOUR YEARS TOTAL


  • OZEN provides a 2-year warranty for all its products.

  • OZEN offers an additional 2-year warranty -- extending the warranty to a total of FOUR YEARS for those who register online within 90 days after purchase, at www.ozentripods.com.

  • We strongly recommend registering online IMMEDIATELY upon delivery.

  • Warranty claims on unregistered product must be accompanied by paid sales invoice.


Void of warranty

The Warranty on this document shall be void, if:

  • Warranted product(s) have -- without OZEN’s written consent – been serviced, modified, or repaired with unauthorized parts, and/or been serviced by anyone other than an OZEN-authorized Service technician, or,


  • Failure / damage is due to neglect, misuse, excessive heat, impact, or operation contrary to reasonable use as camera support.