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OZEN produced camera support components for nearly a decade prior to our US introduction in 2018. Our objective is to deliver affordable Broadcast-echelon camera support capabilities with familiar features & ergonomics and warranteed durability, exceeding expectation of experienced operators.

Incremental & repeatable ‘true’ fluid resistance, choice of THREE industry-standard camera mounting interfaces – the side load-type that we call S-LOC, the spring-loaded capture-type that we call E-Z LOAD, and its big brother -- the new oversized E-Z LOAD MAX with 120mm x 80mm mounting plate --  plus familiar features & ergonomics that enable seamless integration into a fleet of nearly any brand of camera support.

OZEN products’ performance and durability is backed by a FOUR-YEAR parts & labor warranty, with US Service & availability of parts.


We invite you to examine OZEN capabilities, features, pricing, and warranty policy.

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Image by Jakob Owens
Why select OZEN?

Broadcast-echelon features & ergonomics

OZEN Camera Support Systems deliver familiar features & ergonomics that experienced operators expect, precluding need to re-train 'muscle memory.'  Choice of THREE industry-standard camera mounting interfaces assures seamless integration for fleet-compatibility with nearly any brand of camera support.  Every OZEN tripod includes a mid-level spreader & rubber feet at no extra cost for greater system-affordability.

Exceptional quality backed by 4-YEAR Parts & Labor Warranty


Failure of glue-joints that bond tripod leg tubes to their anchors reflect the  principal nature of Service required by our competitors' products.  But OZEN tripod leg tubes are PINNED to their anchors, which entirely eliminates failures that plague our competitors.  This is principally why OZEN can offer a 4-year Parts & Labor Warranty.  Consider also OZEN products' superior assembly, precisely-operating features, and exquisite metal-finishing, which are the direct result of enormous investment in state-of-the-art CAD/CAM, CNC-machining, and Electrolytic Treatment facilities, staffed by QA-monitored craftsmen dedicated to excellence.

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